UltraStudio for USB 3.0 - Blackmagic

Get incredible quality capture and playback for your USB 3.0 computer!
UltraStudio Pro and UltraStudio SDI are the world’s first capture and playback solutions for USB 3.0. Get all the advantages of USB plug and play connectivity and the highest quality SDI connections that instantly switch between all SD and HD video formats. Work with full broadcast quality 10-bit video in compressed and uncompressed quality, perfect for editing, design and visual effects in the most demanding broadcast and post production environments.

Capture Video Anywhere
UltraStudio is perfect where you need to capture and play back the highest quality uncompressed and compressed video. With support for all the major SD/HD video standards, UltraStudio is a true broadcast performance editing solution that is miniaturized into a choice of two incredibly small designs.
Capture from video cameras, live video feeds, decks and more! With UltraStudio’s built in HDMI output you can monitor in full resolution on LCD and plasma displays, or even with a HD projector.

Desktop and Portable Models

UltraStudio Pro includes the widest range of video and audio connections for USB 3.0 capture and playback. Advanced broadcast electronics are housed in an attractive ultra thin design that looks great on your desk. You also get high quality up, down and cross conversion, full 10-bit video and internal SD keying built in. UltraStudio Pro has everything you need for capturing and mastering with professional decks for amazing video quality.
UltraStudio SDI is an incredibly lightweight and portable SDI capture and playback solution with HDMI monitoring. Its sturdy and robust machined aluminum design weighs just 9 ounces and is small enough to fit in your pocket! Powered directly by its USB 3.0 connection, you can now capture and playback with professional SDI equipment in any location. UltraStudio SDI includes an HDMI output so you can use a low cost TV for broadcast monitoring.

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