GV-LS2 יצרן: - JVC

מצלמת PTZ באיכות HD .
שליטה מרחוק דרך האינטרנט , WIFI באמצעות סמארט-פון, טאבלט ומחשב.
חיישן ברזולוציה 4K .
סטרימינג באיכות HD מלאה .
חריץ זיכרון SD להקלטה במקביל לשידור .
עדשה רחבה עם זום X10 .
צפייה ושליטה בזמן אמת בחיבור רשת או WIFI .
הנעה אנכית אופקית וזום שקטה במיוחד .
מיקרופון מובנה
הפעלה אוטומטית וידנית
חיבורי וידיאו ומיקרופון חיצוני .

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The JVC GV-LS2 is a live streaming camera that comes complete with high-speed ultra-quiet pan/tilt/zoom operation and can be remotely controllable via tablet, smartphone, or PC. This camera combines the quality offered by a full-fledged camcorder but with the unmanned capabilities of a high-end security camera. And then rolls these features into a compact package with Wi-Fi wireless communication and versatile remote controllability.

At the heart of the GV-LS2 is a 1/2.3" 12.4 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor capable of 4K2K imaging, and JVC`s FALCONBRID high-speed image processing engine, which allows Full HD quality to be maintained even when only part of the entire image is used for lossless image stabilization and pan/tilt. Overall image quality is significantly better than what`s delivered by most USB cameras. The GV-LS2 offers 10x optical zoom that assures lossless high-quality close-ups. The zoom capabilities of the GV-LS2 are ideal for streaming images and sound from live events as it allows them to remain unobtrusive. Besides HD streaming, the camera also offers Full HD quality AVCHD video recording onto an inserted memory card.

Built-In WiFi for Live Monitoring and Remote Operation
Built-in Wi-Fi makes wireless streaming and remote operation possible, and allows system expansion by adding a Wi-Fi router for multi-camera control of up to four live streaming cameras. Direct Wi-Fi operation of a single camera is possible without a router or hotspot. In addition to an internal stereo microphone, a MIC input is provided for external microphone connection.
Quick & Quiet Pan/Tilt/Zoom
You`ll be amazed when you hear (or actually DON`T hear) this camera pan and tilt. JVC uses DD (Direct Drive) motors to provide near-silent panning/tilting. And it`s quick and responsive. Movement range of ±150° laterally and -30° to +40° vertically means you can place it just about anywhere. Optical 10x zoom assures lossless high-quality close-ups.

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