Capture every stunning detail with this advanced Full HD shoulder supported 1080/60p camcorder. The GY-HM70 is equipped with a high quality 29.5mm wide-angle GT lens that offers smooth 16x dynamic zoom performance*. The camera records on two SDHC or SDXC memory cards in the AVCHD Progressive format at 28Mbps. And its unique dual battery system keeps you recording for hours and hours since the batteries may be hot swapped during recording. Never before has this much performance been packed into an affordable, professional shoulder supported camcorder.
•Full 1920 x 1080 capture and recording at 60P in the AVCHD Progressive format (28Mbps)
•1/2.3-inch 12 megapixel CMOS imager
•29.5mm wide angle autofocus zoom lens with 16x dynamic zoom*, 200x digital zoom
(35mm equivalent: 25.5mm — 476mm)
•Manual focus, iris, shutter, white balance control
•Optical image stabilizer
•Stable, professional shoulder form factor
•Records to dual SDHc/SDXC memory cards
◦1080/60P (28 Mbps)
◦1080/60i (24/17/12/5 Mbps)
◦720x480 (6/3 Mbps)
•FALCONBRID™ High Speed Processor
•High speed video recording (for slow motion)
300 fps (720 x 480 resolution)
•3-inch Touch Screen LCD display
•.24-inch LCOS Color Viewfinder
•Focus assist function
•Zebra indication (Over 100%/70-80%/OFF)
•Auto iris/Manual iris adjustment
•AE adjustment
•Backlight compensation
•Touch priority AE/AF
•Face detection/Smile shot
•Tele macro
•Built-in zoom microphone
•3.5mm Microphone Input
•12MP digital still capture (JPEG format)
•2MP still capture during recording
•Unique dual snap-on battery system (1 provided)
•3.5mm Remote Connector (compatible with HZ-M150VZR remote lens control unit)
•3.5mm Headphone out connector

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מק"ט מוצר: GY-HM70E
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